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Hope those of you celebrating had a wonderful 4th! Amber cooked a BBQ feast with pork, chicken, corn, potato salad, biscuits, pickles, beans, cookies, & ice cream. Ethan and I enjoyed the fireworks from the bedroom window later, great view, no mosquitoes.

Friday evening, I felt like making a quilt. I started with a layer cake and cut it in half. I had this completely finished, washed and dried about 26 hours later, it measures approx 40 x 50 inches. This quilt was my inspiration, using a layer cake rather than charms was quite a time saver. I’ve put my own ‘crooked on the rail’ photo here so you can compare :0) .. I have these layer cakes and fabric (I used about 3 yards, front & back) at my Etsy Shop.

Now for some blue, I’ve begun It’s Berry Time, Loose Feather #37  Blackbird Designs in blue. I’m stitching this on Fairy Dust Belfast using Wavy Navy Crescent Colours (as you can see). I’ve also decided to change Beatrix Potter to a blue thread. I’ve tried every shade similar to the original but just can’t picture it on my walls, blue fits right for me and this Summer Shower thread from The Gentle Art makes me think of Peter’s little coat left out in the rain.

rwb e
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13 thoughts on “also Red, White, & Blue

  1. I still can’t imagine a quilt start to finish over night! I looked at the instructions on the other site. Looks … relatively simple – provided you can stitch a straight seam AND you have a sewing machine that works AND you know how to put on a binding AND … Does it have batting and a what sort of fabric is on the back.

    LindaMc – still wishing she knew how, and had the room to take up a new hobby

  2. I am so glad I found your blog! New to the blogging world, I love finding such amazing and beautiful places to meet new people and view their talents. Your quilt is stunning, and I SOOOOO wish I knew how to quilt now!!


  3. I so wish I knew how to quilt! I love reading about them, looking at them, even own one “old” one. But I have no idea how to make one!

    Linda in VA

  4. Oh my goodness, how did you do that gorgeous quilt in so short a time span? It’s lovely! And the berry time BBD in blues is inspired – I love it!

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