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Feeling up in the air about the bathroom at the moment. I think I like it….I’m always like this when I paint, it took me ages to love my peachy pink office but I do now, white paint is old here at our house, it’s time for color! Tyler an Bryant had this finished in no time, they plan to do the boys bath next.

Our new room in the basement is coming along. This will be Amber’s room and she is thinking purple….I’m thinking more color???? I can do this.

Speaking of more color…love these new threads from Crescent Colours – very summer! You can just see some of my fancy Gingher scissors in that picture – have you seen the new Elena scissors? I will have these at the shop but not til fall.

I’ll be shopping for a new bird feeder I see, here’s the culprit responsible. I filled this last night and hung it too far from the porch rail for comfort apparently, so one bite on the hanger and instant feast on the deck!

Paypal is working on the shopping cart trouble, I was talking to the engineer who is trying to figure things out when the fire alarm at Paypal went off and we had to end our call. Hoping to hear back soon and hoping that they didn’t really have a fire. Thanks for your patience.


10 thoughts on “housework

  1. They did a great job with the painting. I like that color-looks similar to a clolor I put in my boy’s room. Purple will be a cool color for Amber’s room-I have been wanting to paint my bedroom a purple too.

  2. I love the color of your bathroom very pretty but I especially LOVE the purple test colors…I miss having a purple room..

    Those little buggers are very smart and get birdseed from alomost anywhere…He does look cute though LOL

    The new silk colors are STUNNING I think they are a must on my ist for my Hawaiin design from Ink Circles.
    Take Care

  3. Gosh, Mary Kathryn, I love this blue color – don’t know what color your towels are, but I think I would keep this color on the walls and get new towels!!!!!

    And, that peachy color in your office is just yummy……

  4. I really like the color in the bathroom also. I even see some lilac or plum towels hanging in there! I’m a big fan of purple and love the colors on the color charts. I painted my bedroom purple when I lived back at home with my parents. I still miss it – I had a lovely bedspread and curtains with sprays of lilacs on them.

    Linda in VA

  5. I love the blue in your bathroom! The lavendars are nice – Premonition and Misty Moon are my favorite of the group (from the picture). We painted one of our guest rooms a yellow and I always wish I had done it in lavender.

    The new silks are so pretty!

    Enjoy your new colors.


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