(iced) Coffee & a Blog

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cooa c

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The tiny bit of energy I’ve had this week hasn’t been used for stitching so I’ve not much to show, a perfect excuse for a Coffee & a Blog post….sit back and enjoy this lovely blog and do get a nice cool drink before you do.

I have to admit that my garden is looking pretty shabby and I’m a little sore about growing things at the moment. Jerry sent Kellen out to take care of some ‘weeds’ this afternoon and as I was sitting at my desk there was this amazing scent of lavender coming in my office window….As my mind caught up with what I was smelling I realized what was happening to my precious few lavender plants…Jerry admits that he may have been a bit ‘vague’ about what weeds he wanted Kellen to take care of…

Do you see my neighbor’s lavender taunting me just over the fence? I did manage to stop him before too much damage was done but I’m a long way from having a respectable lavender patch and this bit of pruning wasn’t helpful.


2 thoughts on “(iced) Coffee & a Blog

  1. Love all the pink in those first few pictures! I haven’t seen any bunny rabbits in my yard but there is a tiny one who is usually hanging out in the grassy area right in front of my car at work. He has the cutest little cotton-ball tail.

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