a blur

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This past weekend flew by. A weekend visit from old friends was a bit hectic without Jerry. He flew to Michigan at the last minute Friday morning. We cleaned carpets late into the night and then – arriving hours earlier than planned – I welcomed my guests with wet carpets and no furniture (it was all in the garage). Good thing these were such very good friends. They were a large bunch so it was good to have the extra space – we just moved the essentials back inside for their visit.

Some of the highlights this weekend, aside from just being with good friends, included a visit to Celestial Seasonings where I picked up a couple of nice teas. I’ve been having the Green Tea iced and the other is a super yummy rich cup with milk. We also visited Pearl Street and the big kids went on a long bike ride along the greenway.

I did spend some quiet time stitching on this new thread pack from Little House Needleworks Sunday evening, I’m using 28 count Spun Silver linen for this and plan to personalize it for myself. I’ve made a re-re-restart on Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler as well.

Last night I took a wild drive to the airport and back to pick up Jerry. Traffic at the airport was a horrible mess and on the way home we drove through the worst rain storm I think I’ve ever seen, I was very glad to get out of the car after 5 hours of very tense driving. Jerry and Kellen are off to see the new Harry Potter movie today and I’m getting a large batch of orders out to stitchers, starting to feel caught up from a very busy sale and a bad virus – finally. We’ll probably spend the rest of the evening re-arranging the rest of our furniture.


PS – You can take a virtual tour of Celestial Seasonings here.

7 thoughts on “a blur

  1. Lovely new stitching.

    I, too, hate driving in bad rainstorms. Ugh. Glad you made it home safely. And I’m glad you’re starting to feel caught up after being ill. Take care not to overdo it!

  2. Great having company of good old friends – isnt it. I am anvious with the Beatrix Potter re-start – would love to stitch that piece one day!

    Claire in UK

  3. That Raspberry White Tea sounds wonderful. I’ll have to see if I can find it here. Love the thread color for your re-start of BP. Wondering if you’d share the color!

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