oldies alp

oldies p

With all the moving around of rooms here I’ve been sorting through items I’ve had packed away and in some cases haven’t seen in a very long time. I came across some stitching. I did the grandchild sampler for Jerry’s mom before all the grandchildren had been born, Kellen & Ethan need to be added. As you can see I never did put them on here (I don’t even know where the pattern is any more).

This Beatrix Potter birth sampler (for Amber) was my first linen project. Any here is a very grubby early pillow by me – I think I’ll pull out the stitched piece, give it a good soak, and make a new pillow, I love the design.

Some of my earliest stitching projects were by Prairie Schooler, I must have put them in a different bin because I didn’t find them with these. I hope to find them soon. Speaking of PS…

PS logo

The new designs should be arriving soon!! I’m so looking forward to these. I’m offering my usual webshop special on these. Buy all 4 designs and get the 2009 Santa Card free. Shipping on full set of new PS is only .99 US and 1.99 international. Order any new PS design and get the new mini card free while supplies last as well. Please email me if you would like to reserve a set.

Happy Summer Stitching!


8 thoughts on “oldies

  1. Mary Kathryn, I love the grandchildren sampler. What a pretty design full of interest and character. The little rabbit pillow is so pretty too. As always I am inspired by your energy and creativity. I always feel really enthusiastic after reading your blog :>)
    Hugs Angela

  2. What pretty pieces! I have the bunny chart with the alphabet and I just love anything with Beatrix Potter bunnies. I don’t have kids but I still want to make myself something with them anyway!

  3. Mary Kathryn, what a beautiful site you have. I likes your works very much and put your blog by my favorits, so I can follow you. Also your Rocky Mountains pictures are very beautiful, here in The Netherlands everything is flat.
    I see your Prairie Schooler announcement, when I go on holiday I take a PS santa with me, this is my first.
    Maybe in the future I make more of these.

    Regards Riet.

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