Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 729a

rmw 729b

rmw 729d

rmw 729c

This week’s post is a bit of a washout. We have had low clouds and rain most of the day and it’s chilly, like in the 40s tonight cold…..

About today’s photos, 1. the shadow of a large cloud, 2. on one of my evening walks, 3. the weather that hit as I was out on last night’s evening walk (I was very wet and scared from the lightning), 4. some cold weather comfort food (dinner tonight).

I hope I can do better for you next week.


PS – Dinner was good.


6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. I’m glad someone else was taking pics of food tonight. LOL DH thinks I’m batty to photograph the food – esp when it’s not even ready!


  2. wow Mary Kathryn,
    What dramatic photos. You certainly don’t lack beautiful scenery around you. And when you haven’t got needlework to show us, you can always always cheer us up with a yummy dinner or two :>)
    Hugs Angela

  3. Dinner looked like real comfort food! Thanks for the beautiful photos, love the first one. Sitting on pins and needles hoping to get a peek at the new PS soon.

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