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Finished up my little pillow. Used two fabrics from the Moda Hartfield collection (yes, as in Jane Austen’s Hartfield). On the back I used a piece of my all time favorite fabric which I happily found a bit more of in a clearance basket recently, I think this is from the Moda Hannah collection – I might have the wrong line in mind however.

I’ve been trying to match a giveaway with a blog milestone for ages. They keep passing me by so I’ve been waiting for the 700,000 visit to register at my blog. Since I expect that to happen in the next 24 hours or so, here is a little giveaway in honor of that milestone. Please leave a comment here at the ‘milestone giveaway’ post to be entered into a drawing for a Sampler Girl, Hannah’s Spring Sampler 1765 pattern and a little pincushion that matches the fabric I used for my finish. I’ll draw a winner and post it next Monday, August 10th.

A reading note – finished The Guernsey Literary Guild and Potato Peel Pie Society (loved it) and nearly finished A Rambling Fancy (very nice). I’ve passed Guernsey Literary Guild on to Amber and then it will go into Jerry’s bookcase on the ‘books I think you would like’ shelf, I may re-read it first.

Ophelia says, ‘hello’.


PS – I just read that this is my 750th blog post, so this is really two milestones!

103 thoughts on “milestone giveaway

  1. M, I just ordered, via Amazon, two copies of The Guernsey Literary Guild and Potato Peel Pie Society so that my sister and I can have our own small book club. Cant wait to get it and start reading it.
    Please tell Ophelia that my Leo kitty says “Hello Beautiful”. Leo speaks with a French accent and has a limp…very dashing. LOL

    Thank you for the chance for the terrific Give-a way!!! Your pillow looks out of a magazine perfect. That backing fabric is lovely. Can I have an entire room deccroated with it.I would call it paradise!!


  2. Hi Mary Kathryn – your pieces are gorgeous – love the colors and fabrics – please enter me in your giveaway! That would be so much fun!

  3. Hi Mary Kathryn,
    I always enjoying reading your blog. I just don’t know how you find the time to do everything that you do! It’s always a pleasure to drop by. I can honestly say your blog is one of the best. πŸ™‚
    God Bless,

  4. I have The Guernsey Literary Guild and Potato Peel Pie Society on hold at the library so hope to receive it inthe next week.

    Your pillow looks amazing!! I would love to enter to win the pattern and that sweet pin cushin.
    Thank you

  5. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Thank you for the chance. πŸ™‚ I have Guernsey on my iPod to listen to soon. I have heard so many good things about it. I love both of the pillows pictured on your blog and think Ophelia is adorable! πŸ™‚

  6. Love, love, love the pillow and the pattern. Please enter me in your giveaway. When I read the bit about the bunny on the hill it made me think og my nightly waly with my pup. We usually see a bunny somewhere along the walk and I end getting dragged along because the pup really wants to go after the bunny. πŸ™‚

  7. Love the pillow and fabric choice! You always inspire us to keep on stitching and finishing. You have a great eye for color and I am a cat lover so like the pics and updates. Would love to enter your giveaway. Thanks for being so generous! pj

  8. What a pleasure your new pillow is!

    And congrats on reaching such a remarkable milestone…I would love to have a chance at that sweet chart and pincushion, thank you!

  9. Your pillow and pincushion is so pretty and feminine. Ophelia is just lovely too! :o) I would love to be entered in your drawing and congratulations on all your blog visitors.

  10. What a beautiful job Mary Kathryn. Those fabrics are so yummy looking and go together so well πŸ™‚

    I would love to be entered into your drawing. This is one of my favorite quotes πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  11. What a beautiful and generous giveaway! Please enter me. I visit your lovely blog all the time and just love seeing your needlework projects. Thank you!

  12. Would love to be a part of your give-a-way. BTW, I really love your pillow finishes, they are so sweet.

    I just borrowed my first Jane Austen video from the library, all because of your blog and constant talk of all things ‘Jane Austen.’ I’ll let you know what I think:)


  13. I love how your pillow turned out! The fabric you chose is really pretty. Blue is my favorite color and it has lots of that. Please include me in the giveaway.
    Thanks for the book suggestions,too!

  14. I always enjoy your photos. The pillows are
    lovely ~ would look great in my room!!
    Please enter me in your milestone drawing-
    congratulations on continuing such a fabulous

  15. Great finishes! I love your pillows, gorgeous fabrics! Congrats on the 750th post and almost 700,000 comments! woohoo! please enter me in your drawing!

  16. Mary Kathryn, I just love your blog. I read it every day, there is something so comforting about it and I often read it to help unwind after a long day at work. I always enjoy your posts and love your photographs. Please enter me in your drawing! Thanks! Jennifer

  17. Hi, Mary Kathryn! Love the fabric you used to sew that pillow. You have such a good eye for combining them. It’s just a darling pillow.

    Please enter me in your drawing

  18. Mary Kathryn, you have the most gorgeous finishes. I love the colours you chose for your latest pillow finish–beautiful. I would love a chance to win the chart and the pin cushion (blue is my favourite colour! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. πŸ™‚

  19. Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway – I love your pillows, they are very pretty and samplers are my favorite! Thanks, Kim

  20. Love your finishes. You are so inspiring … have to check your blog daily for new ideas it keeps me motivated πŸ™‚
    Would love a chance at your giveaway. Thank so much

  21. I really enjoy your blog. I happen to be right here in your state, probably not far from you right this minute, visiting my mom.
    I wish you all the best in everything you do. I wish I could meet you.

  22. Love your blog =) Your pillow’s are beautiful. I better get blogging..maybe I’ll catch up with you in about 5 years! LOL

  23. Wow! 700,000 visitors is a huge achievement.
    I don’t always have time to comment but I do love to look at what you have made/are making.
    There is always something lovely to see here.
    The pillows are gorgeous.

  24. Love the pillow finish! I’ve got both those books on my wishlist…..I just need to find a few extra hours in my day. Please enter me in your drawing….my day isn’t complete till I’ve checked your blog.

  25. Congratulations to you Mary Kathryn for the incredible milestone! Not surprised that you had so many visitors.. I always enjoy reading your blog and I keep coming back.

    Besides you are also my favourite online shop πŸ™‚

    …Cuddles to Ophelia too.

  26. Congratulations on your 2 milestones!!

    I always enjoy reading your blog and enjoy seeing both your stitching photos and also the Rocky Wednesday photos.

    Claire in UK

  27. Hello Marykathryn,

    Wonderful pillow !

    All your work is splendid and your blog too.
    Congratulations. It’s really a great pleasure to read it. I wish you a lot and a lot new visitors !!!!

    Please enter me for your giveaway.

    Anne from France.

  28. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog.
    I go look it the books also are in Dutch.
    Have a nice day, in Holland the weather is very beautiful. I have a free day and the children holidays. We go to the swimmingpool. Maybe I take a little cross stitch work with me and also a book!
    Regards Riet

  29. Your pillow is adorable! The finishing is excellent–must try to do something in that way soon… I listened to The Guernsey book last year and loved it! All this attention to it has made me consider getting it out so my daughter can enjoy it also. Please enter me in your blogoversary. Congrats on the stats!

  30. Oh, another lovely, lovely finish Mary Kathyrn! So beautiful as always and I love the fabric you chose… Please enter me in your *Milestones Giveaway* and Congratulations on two wonderful Milestones! πŸ™‚

    “The Guernsey Literary Guild and Potato Peel Pie Society” is in my *to read pile*… I’ve read lots of wonderful reviews on this one!

    Oh, and my Mr Darcy purrs Hello to Ophelia! πŸ˜‰

    Blessings and Hugs in stitches…

  31. Dear Mary-Kathryn!

    I don t miss a day or at least i try to read your lovely blog since i discovered it.
    I really like your work and all the subjects you share with us!
    Felicitations et bonne continuation!

  32. Your blog is a treasure and a pleasure, Mary Kathryn! Congratulations on your milestones. I love your finishes – I would NEVER think of these on my own.

    Please enter me in the drawing and congratulations to the winner!

  33. Dear Mary Kathryn,
    I’ve been following your blog for some time and I love your finishing on this piece–it’s just lovely. Congratulations on the blogoversary. Please enter my name in the drawing.

  34. Love your pillow finishes. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on
    your blog milestones. Very impressive! Please enter me in your contest! Thank you for sharing your success with us.

  35. Mary Kathryn, that fabric is so beautiful. Aren’t you lucky to find more on clearance? Your pillow is so special, and, as always just perfect. Please enter my name. And, congratulations on your milestones.

  36. Congrats on your 2 milestones. Always love seeing what your up to. Love the pillow and pincushion. Thanks for the opportunity to win it. That pillow would look lovely on my 1860’s brown velvet settee if I say so myself. Good luck to all though.

  37. What a beautiful pillow finish! Two gigantic milestones if you ask me – congratulations! The Guernsey Literary Guild and Potato Peel Pie Society is a favorite read of mine. Actually, I listened to it on cd and loved all the beautiful British accents. I’ll have to check out the other book – I’ve not heard of that one.

  38. Wow, what a milestone! I’ve enjoyed your blog so much for the past few years, you take the nicest photos, and I like your style. You have some really pretty finishes here πŸ™‚

  39. you always have such great clean finishes! Congrats on both your milestones and Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  40. Mary Kathryn,
    What a lovely way you’ve finished your little pillow. As always your fabrics are so beautifully co ordinated.
    I love the Hartfield designs and would love to go in for your giveaway contest. Thanks so much for setting it up.
    Warm wishes Angela

  41. I just love your finishes. I would love to be added to your drawing please….congratulations on the 700,000 visitor to your site!

    Happy Stitching!

  42. Congratulations Mary-Kathryn ! Thank you for your wonderful and lovely blog, it’s really a source of inspiration.
    One more time…FΓ©licitations !

  43. Mary Kathryn, your pillow is wonderful – as are all your finished works! You have such an eye for color. Please enter me into your drawing. Thank you.

  44. Congratulations on your two milestones Mary Kathryn and I would really love to be entered in the draw for your pincushion and chart please. Such a sweet pincushion.

  45. As always, your blog is a real pleasure to visit – I love seeing all your beautiful finishes, and occasionally, your lunch too! LOL I’ve just read the ‘Guernsey’ book, and absolutely loved it – what an eye opener about conditions in the Channel Islands during the war. And what a sad shock to discover that this was the author’s one and only book.

  46. I love your blog and because of all the beautiful pictures, I have once again become hooked on cross-stitching. I would love to win a pattern and I want to order the new Prairie Schooler patterns.

  47. Great giveaway, Mary Kathryn! Count me in for sure. And congrats on the milestones!!!

    Beautiful stitching and finishing, but then again, I’m never surprised. You do such wonderful work. :o)

    Pet Ophelia for me. RM photos are so pretty.

  48. Congrats on the milestones!! Awesome giveaway, I’d be honored to win.

    Your stitching and finishes are always so lovely.

    I too loved Potato Peel Pie Society.

  49. Congratulations on your double milestone! I love Rocky Mountain Wednesdays. Not to mention all the stitchy stuff.

    Thanks for entering me in the draw.


  50. Congrats on your milestone. I love the pillows and the books look interesting too.
    I would love to be entered in the draw.


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