a Blackbird kind of day

bbd b

bbday a

bbday d

(photo borrowed from the Blackbird Blog)

bbday c

Lots and lots of goodness from the ladies at Blackbird Designs. Loose Feather #38 is heading out the door I thinks it’s beautiful! Love the stockings!! I finished one up over the weekend for an exchange (can’t show you yet). I was so impressed by how cute they turn out that I decided to start another. I’m doing the little quilty looking one in the lower right corner (from the June stockings design) the Cheryl Chic thread for this from Crescent Colours is yummy!

The Summer Iris design is sooooo pretty, I want to start this one too, I have the other Reward of Merit designs from Blackbird Kitted up for ‘someday’ but this one is my favorite.

Coming VERY soon, the Blackbird Stocking Book with even more stockings!! Actually 13 of them for Halloween. Let me know if I can reserve one for you!

Now for last week’s winner . . . the little pincushion and Sarah’s Spring Sampler 1765 goes to (generating number)….commenter #81… which means…(looking for comment #81)… MILLY was chosen by the random integer generator at random.org


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