Not the weather but it was down right cold early this morning, we had to get an extra blanket. We will be seeing some new snow on the high mountains this month, actually some new snow did fall about 10 days ago on the really high mountains.

The new Winter Thread Pal from Impie, Hattie, & Bea is a cool stitching accessory and stitching up Little House Needleworks Winter Wonderland will be a nice reminder of cooler weather for those of you suffering from Summer heat. These are available at the webshop. Also, watch for some new designs coming soon from Little House as well, you can see a sneak peek at the designer’s blog!

I hope you like the new header here. I took the picture while out running some errands this morning, here is another one for you – very happy looking flowers I thought.

cool sf

Just a pretty cloud I saw the other night…



PS – a beautiful post for tea time can be found here – enjoy!

11 thoughts on “cool!

  1. Love the photo AND new header. It pulls together your ONS and your blog perfectly. If I don’t see a mountain up close and personal soon I … well, I just need to be ON or REALLY NEAR a mountain ASAP!!! Gorgeous photos as always!!

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