end of a busy week

end of week c

Lots accomplished still lots to do…

I think this new design, Cottage Pinkeep Sampler from Midsummer Night is darling. I’ve done up some Anchor thread packs for this one which you can find at the webshop (you may have to scroll down the page a teeny bit).

end of week d

end of week a

Here is the sum total of my stitching for this entire week! Pitiful I know. I did find these crystal beads that will make a perfect hanger for this stocking however. Here is a little sneak peak of the hanger I did on the stocking I sent to my exchange partner. She is out of town so I don’t think she has seen it yet….

end of weed e

This very tall sunflower is blooming in my own back yard. We came home from a trip 3 summers ago to find a sunflower growing in our yard, it comes up every year now, just 1 flower that I can see when I wake up each morning about this time in the summer.

end of week b

Stopped by Ethan’s favorite shop (and one I really like too) for some cheese today, time for a snack I think!


7 thoughts on “end of a busy week

  1. Mary kathryn,
    I love the way your beautiful sunflower is silhouetted against the sky. It’s such a dramatic picture. The cheese look delicious, just right for a midnight snack – cheese is now thought to help you sleep better if nibbled late at night :>)
    You’ve made a really lovely start to that BD stocking. It’s colours are just like little jewels.
    Good night Angela :>)

  2. When I started Weight Watchers I thought it would be hard to cut back on chocolate and desserts. Imagine my surprise when it was cheese and nuts that were the hardest to eat with moderation. I love cheese!

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