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Still sorting through old cross stitch projects and other craft things…..I came across this little project I started when I was pregnant with Ethan (he will be 7 in less than 2 months). I think the designer is Lorri Birmingham and sorry but I do not know where you can get this set anymore, it is sweet though. I wonder where the rest of the beads and ribbon for finishing have gotten to? I have these little purple beads I could use, I think I like them better than the yellow ones on the smaller piece.

Looking at this old project made we want to start Country Cottage Needleworks English Garden. I’m thinking of stitching this on 40ct Lakeside Wisteria and possibly switching out some of the threads with some Crescent Colours threads, I’ll have to see if the frame is available in a smaller size because I love it!

A few pictures from my garden, which always looks pretty shabby this time of year, I have cut one batch of lavender and it looks like there will be at least 2 more cuttings – yeah!


4 thoughts on “garden things

  1. I dearly love the Bee Design…that is so cute…wow…to run across something like that is fun to do.

    Your Garden Pictures/Flowers looks real pretty too.

  2. What a pretty Lorri Birmingham design, I think I might have it lurking around in a cupboard somewhere – it’s always a pleasure unearthing old projects. I love the banding you’re using.
    Very pretty CCN design but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an English country garden like this…haha!
    Your garden is a delight to see. I love roses. We have a big rose garden and there are still lots of flowers and fat buds on the bushes. Our sweet peas are looking and smelling wonderful but our lavender hasn’t had a good season – shame because I love the fragrance so much!!
    Hugs Angela

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