this and that on Thursday

thursday a

This is quite a mix….

A little finish from the newest Loose Feather design Summer Basket. A quick stitch and I love the colors, I think I might sub some of them on the Summer Iris project….

thursday b

…Yzma living it up on my ironing board…

thursday c

…how I plan to spend the rest of my evening, watching  THE Miss Marple by the way….

thursday d

Ethan conducting a geography lesson, light sabers are very useful things in the classroom…

…and finally a happy birthday to Jerry’s dad.  Jerry’s sister has been converting old slides to digital photos, I liked this one.

thursday e


6 thoughts on “this and that on Thursday

  1. I agree with your choice for Miss Marple. I enjoyed the newest Miss Marple this summer, but the one in between was a little disappointing. Love your new Loose Feathers!

  2. Your little house from Loose feather is great.
    Like you I am fan of Miss marple. On french TV we have some of these stories in the afternoon, it’s pleasant to see them with my daughters and stitching !
    Yes, a young “Padawan” needs to know world geography……….. 😉
    Jerry’s sister did an interessant thing with this old slide !
    Have a nice day 🙂

  3. definitely my favourite Miss Marple too! The new Loose Feathers looks lovely and what is it about cats and ironing, I think my cat thinks I put it there just for her to sleep on!

  4. Lovely little finish Mary Kathryn. The colours really are end of summer tones, subdued with a hint of ripening berries! I love the photo of Jerry’s dad, it’s straight out of a 1940’s film
    Ethan looks totally absorbed – an explorer in the making..haha!
    Warm wishes Angela

  5. Oh, I really like the new LF – great colors! Ms. Marple – I haven’t read or seen her mysterious in quite sometime. I do prefer her over Hercule Poirot.

    I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

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