a little history

a little history f

a little history e

Weekend stitching with an old fashioned feel – from Blackbird Designs and Beehive Needleworks

a little history c

a little history d

Some weekend sewing with a little nostalgia on back.

a little history a

a little history b

Some pictures, quite old in fact.  Yesterday was my youngest sister’s birthday she is thirty-something, closer to 40 than 29 these days.  Tomorrow is my other sister’s 25th wedding anniversary.  Here we are 25 years ago.  That’s me with the hanky, I think you can figure out who my sisters are.  The other two ladies are my mom and my grandma.  My grandma passed away 14 summers ago. 

This much older picture is my grandma’s wedding portrait.  That’s Grandma and Grandpa  (Ella & Otto) sitting down.  The man standing between them is my Great Uncle Julius (Grandma’s brother).  No one can remember who the other girl is here.  I have my great grandparent’s (Ella & Julius’ parents) wedding photo hanging on the wall with this one which you can see here.

A few other old fashioned activities this weekend included making pickles and raspberry jam – both very yummy but not intended to be eaten together of course.

I’ll leave you with this little bit of weather history for our area from 1875 –

August 19-30, 1875… grasshoppers appeared in great numbers at 10:00 am
        on the 19th. Thousands landed on the ground. The streets
        were literally covered with them. Swarms of grasshoppers
        were seen on each day. All gardens in the city were
        devastated… and in the Countryside the grasshoppers were
        very destructive to ripened grain. On the 30th the
        grasshoppers were so numerous as to almost darken the sun.


8 thoughts on “a little history

  1. Beautiful stitching. I love the quilt. Especially the backing fabric. Oh those Golden books Such wonderful memories. My favorite of course was the Pokey Little Puppy. 🙂

  2. I love Little Golden Books ~ that is fabulous fabric!!! Those old photos of your family are fantastic. I have some oldies too. Your stitching is beautiful, MK.

  3. Mary Kathryn,
    I really enjoyed your post. Peeling back the years with old photos and some vintage style embroidery helps us to reconnect with our past which gives us stabilty for the future :>)
    Your photos are a real delight. I wouldn’t have guessed your mum was in the photo, more like another sister :>)
    The patchwork basket cover is so pretty and the stitching very inspiring, as always.
    Hugs Angela

  4. Love old photos…thanks for sharing yours. Thanks for posting the Little Golden Books fabric…had to order some for myself. Wow, did that bring back memories! Love the new blog design!

  5. Really wonderful that you are keeping your family’s story and history alive and sharing it with your readers. But it is a bit of shock to my system to see your young and vivacious newlywed grandma in one photo and without the context of the intervening years, her at an elder age between her adult grandchildren. It rather gives a startling reminder of just how fast life passes. Not a complaint because I love the photos, just hit a bit hard because it reminded me of my beloved grandparents, and made as a sober observation from someone getting to that other end a LOT faster than she anticipated.

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