friendship c

friendship a

pesto 030 (1077 x 808)

friendship d

Such good stuff in the mail from stitching friends. My exchange stocking from Janice. Isn’t it pretty?? Janice organized our exchange over at the BBD Yahoo group – thank you so much Janice for everything!

A super surprise from another stitching friend. I’ve wanted this chart for ages and my friend was so sweet and sent it to me recently – lovely. I’m leaning toward a blue thread for this – thank you, thank you! Kim and Cari also sent me wonderful designs I had admired recently, thank you both so very much! Can’t wait to share my finishes here.

My family has been a great support to me recently – I’ve been so busy (doing work that I love, it sure has been an exciting month for cross stitchers) that I’ve barely had time to get chores done around the house. They have picked up the slack beautifully. Amber made some great pesto the other night and even took pictures of it for my blog. She has been doing all the work on the improvements you see here on my blog as well as helping me with my other work – thank you Amber. Jerry has twice sent me to stitch in a quiet room this month, just so that I could relax – good thing, it’s the only stitching I’ve had a chance to do. Two days of stitching in last 3 weeks, that has to be a record low for me I think – thank goodness for small projects.

So to all my friends and family, here are some flowers from my garden for you!


PS – Yzma & Ophelia say hello!

PPS – I’m not sure why my paragraphs are bunching together here – I’ll have Amber take a look.

11 thoughts on “friendship

  1. Love the photos and the new format. Yes, you are right, this blends much better with your stitching and over-all themes! I was going to email you and suggest you either lighten or darken the descriptive text in the right column as I found it difficult to read. But you’ve already done that!! 🙂

    Lovely site, but I going to miss the sunflowers, lupin and/or mountains. Just me. :}

  2. Lovely exchange. the stocking is adorable. And I love your blogs new look. (I like the old one too.)
    Now I hope you are able to find just a few minutes each day for yourself to stitch. Just to recharge and regroup.

    Oh and because I love seeing your stitching. 🙂

  3. Mary Kathryn,
    Your little exchange stocking is so pretty and i see you plan to stitch one of my favourite BD’s charts. Can’t wait to see how that turns out in blue.

    I love your new look blog especially the little tag.
    Isn’t it nice when the family pull together to make life a little easier :>) It’s a lovely way of showing their appreciation for everything you do.
    Warm hugs Angela

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