miscellaneous Monday





Good stuff in the mail.  Mill House from Fig Tree Quilts.  Beautiful colors and prints.  I have charm packs for etsy or I may put them up at my webshop, feel free to email me before I do, it may take me a few days.  The big peach is from a basketful Jerry  brought home today.  Amber is currently cooking up a batch of peach jam in the kitchen – yum.

No new stitching to report.  I did pull out this old work in progress from a few years back.  I think I’ll finish it up soon, I love the soft colors and the buttons are too cute.

I gave Tyler $25 for a haircut today – I want my money back!!  Here is someone else who needs one.  Ethan watched the space shuttle (replays) with me and here he is being an astronaut.

After a very hectic weekend I thought dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant was just the thing for Jerry and I to relax and have a bit of quiet time – having to yell over the very talented but very loud mariachis if we wanted to speak to each other wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it was a nice time out.

A bit of work to wrap up before bed tonight, I have high hopes of stitching tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “miscellaneous Monday

  1. Good Morning Mary Kathryn!

    I just love this series of SB patterns. I finished ‘Home’ awhile ago but recently posted it on my blog. I agree, the colors are so pretty and the button are just too cute. I also completed ‘Lamb’ and made it into a pillow. It seems that I may have one or two more of these in my stash – I may have to pull them out and add them in my rotation.

    Peach jam sounds delicious. That’s my favorite thing to pick up at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

    Your dinner with your husband sounded like fun, though not very quiet 🙂

    Enjoy your day.

  2. With just hubby and myself, we eat out a lot but it seems the restaurants are getting noisier and noisier and I don’t find that very relaxing — in fact, I have lopped off several restaurants off our go-to list for that very reason. Love the fabric and the kiddo!

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