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I’ve finished another stocking from Blackbird Designs; this one is from Glorious June. Now for a few words about how I finish these. First, do read the directions that come in the chart. They are very good and I follow them exactly but have a few other tips to share. To keep your mind from getting in a muddle about how to cut the 2 pieces of interfacing (maybe this is easy for you but I always over think it and need to cut a third because I have two that are the same – and that doesn’t work) trace one on the fuzzy side of the interfacing, and trace one on the gummy side.

As the instructions say, after you iron your interfacing to the wrong side of the linen and fabric, trim the fabric and linen to approx 1/4 from the edge of your interfacing but be sure to leave it much bigger on the tops. Now here is an extra (somewhat dangerous step). On all the curved and rounded parts of the stocking, I make a little clip in both the linen and fabric (in the 1/4 area around the interfacing). Please, I implore you, do not snip all the way to the interfacing edge (unless you want to restitch your stocking). Stop well before you get too close to the interfacing (like make your snips 1/8 of inch into the 1/4 extra around the interfacing). REMEMBER – do NOT snip all the way to the edge of the interfacing. You will find that your finishing looks much neater on the curves and rounded parts.

Another tip, use invisible thread to sew the two parts together. Invisible thread is a finisher’s best friend except for some of those invisible fabric glue products, which I’m all thumbs with but I know are very popular for applying trims. As you can see, it makes your sewn edge look good, even if your stitches aren’t perfect (mine never are). Of course the idea here is that you can’t see the stitches with invisible thread but…hopefully you see what I mean in the picture.

Here’s the finished project. I will say that no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get my stitched stocking to look like the one on the cover, the stitched area would not fit on the template in the same way the picture shows it. I still like it however. I’m re-stitching this (just the multi-colored quilt design) on alabaster linen to see how it looks without all the white stitches.

For the hanger, I use 4mm bicone crystal beads and alternate them with clear beads. I string them on the invisible thread as well and attach them to the corner with the same thread. Do you see that little sparkle – it happened all by itself – fun.  I recently tweeted a link to my source for these beads, see the upper right hand column here for my twitter link.




Now for the Sale + Prize.


Beginning tomorrow through Monday (Sept. 7), shipping is free in the US and 1.99 for international orders – any size order. If you want to shop today (Thursday), I’ll refund the excess shipping you are charged before the special shipping rate starts tomorrow. I’ll be adding lots of new things to the webshop tonight as I’m a bit behind on that.

Everyone who places an order this weekend will be entered into a drawing for the following prizes (3 winners, 1 prize per winner)~

Lizzie Kate Cinderella Giggle
Blackbird Designs Tis Hallowe’en Book
and one person will receive their order for free (the price of their order will be refunded)

Happy Stitching & Stashing!!


5 thoughts on “how I + sale + prize

  1. Another tip that I got from the LNS lady that finished ours. On the curved part, she ran a little gathering thread by hand, like you do to pull up a fabric yo-yo. Then adjust the easing around the curve. She also used a roller thing to flatten it out when she got the curve smooth. that held it in place for the hand stitching together. I am in the process of stitching the one you just completed. I love the design. Love that quilt pattern, so that is probably why. You do wonderful stitching.

  2. Mary Kathryn, thank you for so generously taking the time to share your tips for making these stockings! Armed with their instructions and your added tips and photos, I just may attempt to make them now!

    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for your tips on the stocking. I’ve been collecting the patterns, but have been chicken to assemble them. Did you use a machine at all, or did it all by hand like they suggested? Also you had given a resource for the tiny beads in the group, but I can’t find it. If you could share it again I would totally appreciate it. Thank you again for sharing with us.

  4. Your work is fantastic. I have not seen any that I did not like but what really leaves me stunned are these wonderful landscapes that you enjoy and teach us every week.Take care of that.
    Ada (Spain)

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