a stocking a day






Well, maybe not quite a stocking a day but I do have several to share for the next several posts.

This is from Patriotic July. The color changes were inspired by this other little Blackbird project (from Loose Feather #38 Summer Basket) and the BBD design Summer Iris which I’ve yet to stitch. I pulled out this little metal tree I bought last Christmas and it works very well for these.

You can find the designs here.

I can fit twelve stockings on the tree, it’s going to be hard to limit myself to twelve I think!


PS – Ophelia is a pretty girl

11 thoughts on “a stocking a day

  1. Yes, Ophelia is a very pretty girl =) I do love cats! Did you line this stocking? I absolutely love how you changed the colors for this one. There are just so many possibilities for these patterns! Thanks again for letting me print your blog info in my newsletter. The ladies were thrilled to have the info and we’ll all be checking back here often for inspiration! Have a great day =)

  2. Mary Kathryn, I love the colors you used on this stocking. Would you be willing to share the color changes with us? If you don’t want to, I completely understand. I know you must have spent a lot of time selecting the colors. I have really enjoyed following your blog. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Your stocking is beautiful! I love how you finished it with the beads. I want to stitch these so bad, but I think they will have to wait until next year or at least December. Your kitty is so sweet!

  4. The colors on the stocking are awesome. Totally changes the look. I changed mine to a darker red and blue for the patriotic look, but I really like the colors you chose. Great job.

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