day (sock) two





From Glorious June. The only change I made on this one is that I stitched it on lighter colored linen.

A closer look at the beaded hanger. I use thirteen of these beads (4mm) along with some clear seed beads. I love the sparkle.

I’ve been asked a few questions about the stockings so I’ll answer them here.

1. Do I line the stockings? I do not line the stockings. I use the fusible interfacing just as the directions suggest. I’m not sure if the idea is to sew these shut across the top as well, I’ve left them open.
2. What colors did I use for Bountiful Stars (yesterday’s stocking)? Weeks Dye Works – Peach Fuzz & Dove,  GAST – Grape Arbor, Cornhusk, Highland Heather.
3. Do I use a sewing machine and are they hard to make? These are sewn completely by hand and are not hard to finish. The directions provided with the designs are very good; I’ve posted a few other hints here.

If I can find time this weekend, I hope to make a garden decoration from something Jerry came across while cleaning the garage last weekend.  It will have some sparkle too but it’s an outdoor project and it is supposed to be cool and wet this weekend so we shall see.


13 thoughts on “day (sock) two

  1. How hard are the stockings to put together? I’m not a very good sewer so was just wondering if I could do these myself?

    Rebecca L.

  2. All your stockings are splendid. The colours of the coordinated fabric and pearls are really perfect. Great Congratuations !
    I’ve stitched some of these charts but.. I’m afraid to sew them. You show and explain us the way to finish them very clearly. Your blog’s pictures and hints are precious… So I don’t have any excuse to wait longer !
    Thank you once more to share all your work with us. You give us a lot of happiness !
    Have a very nice and restful week-end.

    Anne of France.

    Excuse my writing, I hope that you can understand my “word’s salad”. I try my best to resist but I have to congratulate you even with my spelling mistakes… Au revoir.

  3. They are beautiful, I love how you have done the colour changes and how they are finished.

    I love the new blog look too, its so elegant and feminine.

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