and a third






Well technically this is stocking number 5 but day 3.  I had previously stitched one for an exchange and another before starting my ‘stocking a day’ posts…now that I’ve needlessly explained all that a few details about this sock….

…from Love is in the Air, as you can see I changed the thread color. For my finish I used GAST Summer Shower, the linen I’ve used so far for these are scraps of 30ct R&R I have around, mostly in the Iced Cappuccino range. I think I’ll continue to use similar colored linen for the others I plan to stitch.

Today has been very chilly and gray (very), not a good day for pictures so I’m sorry for the haze. Amber, Ethan and I headed out early to the farmer’s market and Bavarian bakery. You can see our bounty or should I say booty; the rum ball was really delicious! As far as the produce goes, I hope to make some zucchini bread, I’ve not had good luck with my recipe since we moved to Colorado but I’m giving it one more try if I can find time to bake this week.

I’m moving into a very busy time for probably the rest of 2009 (I can hardly believe it’s September already) so my stitching time will soon be close to non-existent. No Christmas stitching planned here, maybe next year. My frequent stitching posts will be slowing considerably very soon, I’m glad I’ve had a chance to get these stockings done now. It will be hard not to start more, especially when the future designs come out – I’m sure I’ll be very tempted!


7 thoughts on “and a third

  1. And a third ovation… simply wonderful.
    Your stockings’s tree looks really fine.

    Have a nice week-end with your family and take time to relax !

  2. Love the colours you have chosen for these, and this one is pretty too, I like alphas seeing your stitched is certainly making me to want to start mine.

  3. Lovely, every single one of your stockings is just beautiful, Mary Kathryn. I love the colors you have chosen and they look great on your ornament tree.

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the others.

    Enjoy your week.

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