another a

another c

another b

another d

From Sweet August. I love the colors on this one, it was fun to stitch. You can see I’ve also re-stitched a design from the May Flowers stockings – Tulip Border, the first one I did was for an exchange. Not sure I’ll have time to finish it til next weekend, 4 children, a business, homeschooling, and life in general keeps a body hopping and my calender doesn’t seem to have a blank spot in sight.  I love to be busy so it will all be a joy, but I like to have time to stitch as well ;0)

While making beds this morning I thought I’d try my hand at one of those artsy unmade bed pictures. You know like these…. not sure I captured the look, I’m in a funk about how my pictures look again, I need to practice more perhaps…. at least the beds are made.


There are many, many, MANY good things coming for stitchers, I ooohhhhh and aaahhhh every day as I see more and more. Have a peek here!


12 thoughts on “another

  1. Mary Kathryn,
    These little stockings are so sweet. I love the summer ice cream parlour colours.

    I love your photography – heavens, if you’re worried about your photos what chance have the rest of us got :>)
    Hugs Angela

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