at last

at last b

at last c

at last d

at last a

at last e

I’m not sure how long I’ve been working on this one, I pulled it out several months ago and have been adding a few stitches now and then, sometimes only 10 minutes at a time but it all paid off eventually! I’ve literally thrown this in the frame to try to get a picture while there was light – it gets dark so early these days. It will be hanging on a white wall but for the sake of a more interesting picture I’ve hung on a wall with color (the master bath) for now.

This is from The Sampler Girl and called Lady Washington’s Sampler. I’ve stitched it on 30ct R&R alabaster and mostly used the recommended threads. I have hopes of stitching a few more of Tanya’s First Ladies samplers but I get distracted so easily. I’m also thinking of branching out a bit and have added this little fairy to my stash basket but before I start or finish anything else I need to get my workroom cleaned. I haven’t seen the top of my table in over a week and it takes me forever to find a thing which makes me grumpy. So I’m going in….if you don’t hear from me soon I was swallowed by the big scary mess!


18 thoughts on “at last

  1. Lady Washington looks beautiful Mary Kathryn, and I love your frame choice! I have all of Tanya’s First Ladies stitched with the exception of the last two, and aren’t they fun and so pretty. Stitching minds think alike! I have been thinking about stitching the Mirabilia Violet Fairy!

  2. Beautiful finish Mary Kathryn! Love the frame too. I’ve got all the first ladies too…one of these days I’ll get them stitched up!

    Sounds like perfect stitching weather the next few days 😉

  3. this turned out so beautiful! That frame is just perfect for it.
    I don’t have the first ladies, but think I’m going to have to get them too.
    happy dancing for you in Alabama.

  4. Mary Kathryn,
    I think that little sentiment on the Martha Washington sampler could apply to you too :>)
    It’s beautiful and doesn’t look thrown in the frame at all. Congratulations on your finish.
    I wish I had a little fairy who would wave a magic wand and help me with the cleaning – maybe I should get off the computer and look for her..haha!
    Hugs Angela

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