not quite

not quite a

not quite b

not quite c

I have several ‘not quites’ to report. While it’s not quite fall weather here, we did have a bit of snow today. It was lovely.

My workroom is not quite clean (not even close) the UPS man brought me a little distraction too…I will get this room cleaned…I will. The little distraction is a FQ bundle of Aster Manor – gorgeous!

I’m not quite done with some ‘work’ stitching. Not that anyone who loves to cross stitch can ever call it work, but I’ve nearly stitched this one twice, once on 28ct and then it was decided that it needed to be stitched on 32 count instead…….any excuse to keep stitching when I could be doing the laundry or dishes instead I say…..

I’m going to pull out another WIP that is languishing and see if I can putter away and get it done like Lady Washington. Should I pull out this one, or this one or maybe, this one? Or perhaps

9 thoughts on “not quite

  1. It’s really hard to choose… but I vote for “Beneath the sunlit sky”.
    Snow is very early in september isn’t it ? Here, near Mediterraneen’sea, when we have snow (each 10 years…) it’s ALWAYS the panic ! Thank for the picture… always a fine travel in Colorado.

  2. I vote for “Beneath the Sunlit Sky”, I need to pull mine out and work on it some. I had completely forgotten that it is one of my WIP – it’s such a pretty design.

    It’s hard to fathom that you got snow when we are still enjoying summer weather.

    Your fabric tower is just beautiful – love those colors.

    Enjoy your day.

  3. Love your photos. I think you should get back to the Home of a Needleworker. I love that piece, and it looks more fall like than the others.

  4. I vote for either the one with the alphabet at the top (on the page where you have many laid out) – or the blackbirds – on that same page.

    Linda in VA

  5. The nice thing about ‘not quites’ is the delicious anticipation of them being so nearly completed :>)
    I love that gorgeous bundle of fabrics. You always have something gentle on the eye, yummy stitching , fabrics and food plus a pretty scenic view, of course. Can’t wait to see the ‘not quites’ turn into ‘quites’…haha!

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