frosty couple




New goodies coming and going all the time!! I’ve been updating the webshop, lots more to do. This is current release for the Country Cottage Winter Wonderland series, starting in November there is a great series coming called Spring Social and not to forget the Once Upon a Time series coming from Little House. Both can be seen at the Fabulous Fall page at the webshop.

Amber made a batch of chocolate meringues today and served them with some of our raspberry freezer jam – yum. So good with a cup of cocoa. We are in need of cocoa here as you can see by this other little frosty couple all bundled up in a quilt. Tonight’s weather calls for 2 inches of snow and in some nearby areas (a little too nearby) there is a winter storm warning.



8 thoughts on “frosty couple

  1. Wow, snow in your forecast already!! I’m not ready for that yet. Here in Illinois, we are just starting to see some of the trees turn colors. I think Fall is my favorite season. Yes, there are some exciting things coming up at Market…how do I stitch faster??

    Stay warm.

  2. The chocolate meringues sound wonderful and with homemade jam, yum!

    Oh my, snow – so hard to comprehend that you have snow.

    So many wonderful patterns to choose from!

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