Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 923a

rmw 923c

rmw 923e

rmw 923b

rmw 923d

Our big winter storm turned out to be a big cold drizzle. It has been very chilly but I don’t want to turn the furnace on just yet. Poor Ethan really needs some cold weather clothes, that’s the trouble with kids so far apart in age, I don’t have hand-me-downs for him, he has really sprouted, all of his pants are nearly capri length, I think its kind of cute – no one else does.

I think I need to round up my wool socks tonight but the weather man says 72 degrees by Saturday. We still have lots of fall color to enjoy too.


10 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Just beautiful, while you get the beautiful snow, we are still sitting in the hot weather, but not for long, I guess our turn is next week, just after we get back from Lake Powell. Goodbye summer, I have enjoyed you, but I am ready to kiss the garden goodbye and enjoy the rest.

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