Everything Austen Update






It’s been a while since the challenge started but I’ve been enjoying extra Jane stitching and reading when I can. After doing a bit more stitching on the On Travel with Jane Austen sampler I’ve decided to start over on 40 linen – I just don’t know where I would put a larger finish. I’ll make a pillow from larger bit I have finished.

A few new designs from the Sampler Girl for my JA stitching pleasure and I’m thinking of doing something JA-ish with The Library from Little House Needleworks like I did with these other designs. Please excuse the wrinkles and really a Dear Diary that I changed for Fanny Price should be in the picture but I couldn’t locate it…

…and I have been reading. I think on my original ETAC post I said I hoped to read three Jane Austen-ish books. I’ve finished that part of the challenge plus a bit but my poor JA sampler wall still only has one occupant.


here’s a little JA treat

7 thoughts on “Everything Austen Update

  1. All so pretty, Mary Kathryn. Yours pics are always so delicate and soft looking. I have THE BOOKSHELF pattern in my stash somewhere – if only I could stitch two projects at once. LOL


  2. oh my goodness
    your stitching beautiful as always

    special thanks for the jane austen readings and so many more
    what fun
    i love it

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