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It’s that time again, where did September go?

I’m ready for your Pink Page 2009 nominations. The Pink Page is a special fundraising page at Handcrafts Online for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October here in the US). There will be a 2009 Full of Hope Pinkeep kit as well as lots of pink things to choose from. The pinkeep kits raise $5.00 each and 10% of the purchase price of other things on the page also go toward a donation for breast cancer research and education at the end of October.

Designs don’t need to be ‘pink’ in theme, that is they don’t need to be cause designs. Just nominate a favorite design that uses pink threads or feels pink to you…..your name will be listed with your nomination if it ends up on the page. Just email me at and watch for the page on October 1st.

There are many ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness – hope you’ll get involved in the effort. My grocery store was giving away free bouquets today if you bought special pink packages of m&ms, was that a great deal or what??


5 thoughts on “think pink

  1. Love your ribbon scissors and the pink cameo – is that a needleminder?

    Needleprint just posted a picture of Mary Wigham all done in PINK -it’s just beautiful.

  2. I’m so glad that you do this Mary Kathryn. It is important to raise awareness because breast cancer does not discriminate. I was 28 when I was diagnosed and I have no history of it in my family. So be aware girls and don’t forget to do your self exams :o)

  3. Do you have a link to the fundraising page? I tried to google it, but my googling skills are lacking – at one point I ended up on a web site for the singer Pink!!


  4. Thanks for your Think Pink posting. I am thankful to say that I am a twelve year survivor, and this past weekend I walked in the Race for the Cure in the Toledo area. By the way, our team name was Think Pink!

    You have such a nice blog…and shop!

    Bobbi – Ohio

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