week ending d

week ending e

week ending c

week ending b

week ending a

I feel like I’m on the home stretch of wrapping up a very busy week. I really wanted to make it an early night last night (I mean really early) but stayed up late instead and made great progress reducing my ‘to do’ list. I feel much more relaxed today than I have felt all week, all the better to enjoy this beautiful day.

Here is the little pillow I made from my start on The Sampler Girl’s On Travel with Jane Austen. I’ve restarted this on 40ct linen to make it a much better size for my wall and think this makes a sweet little pillow, looks just right with these others, doesn’t leave much room on the chair however. I still think a cat could nap there and that’s what really matters right?

I have lots of webshop updates to make today, I’ll be adding these Rose Pin Poufs to the Pink Page as well. Thanks for all the nominations, keep them coming please! The larger the selection the better for adding to the donation :0)

Here is my secretary filling up the ‘in box’. She doesn’t star on my blog as much as her much more photogenic younger sister (my cats have the same parents but Ophelia is from a later litter than Yzma). She is basking in the sunshine while I sit here typing, only opening one eye when she suspects a bird may be on the feeder that’s attached to the window.

Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely!

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October 7-12


11 thoughts on “weekending

  1. The pillow looks great. I think you may need to get a Day-bed soon so that you can have more pillows. LOL

    Your litle furbaby look like a basket of bread. My kitties will squeeze into the smallest baskets just to claim it.

  2. OH, I wish you lived closer so you could tutor me in pillow making! Your pillows are always so lovely!!! And I would love to visit with you and your kitties. 🙂

  3. Love your new Jane Austen pillow. Looks perfect with the others. I’m sure the cats won’t mind the addition since there will still be room up there for one of them.

    Your secretary looks like she is doing a marvelous job! 🙂

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