Rocky Mountain Wednesdays


rmw 107d

rmw 107c

rmw 107e

rmw 107a

First of all Kellen says ‘thank you’ for all the birthday wishes. He feels pretty grown up being all of 14 now!

Today was packed full of errands, I think I drove off half a tank of gas, they started around 10am and I was finally home to stay at 9pm but as you can see it was a beautiful day to be out and about – still a LONG day spent mostly in the car.

Amber, Ethan and I killed an hour between youth group drop off and pick up (at 2 different locations for each of the older boys) at a not so fancy but very tasty Mexican restaurant. Ethan was very restless and a nearby diner was really loud and annoying (one of those guys who’s an expert on EVERYTHING) but dinner was yummy. I’ve got a fair amount of things to do and then I might watch a movie on my laptop and stitch in bed (still not sleeping very well since my wheezing gets really bad at night).

Boy this sounds like a negative post, I guess I’m feeling a bit cranky – sorry!

On a brighter note – the Online Needlework Show is going on NOW!! Shop With Me!



One thought on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Belated birthday wishes to Kellen. FOURTEEN?? Where have all those years gone? I simply breath in your photos of the Rockies – but you know that already. 😀
    Love your recent stitching!

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