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A couple nearly finished projects, one from Shepherd’s Bush and one from Stacy Nash Primitives. lately it seems I don’t settle in to stitch until about 10pm and because I’m taking some strong medicine that makes me sleepy I don’t stitch for long. Last night rather than getting drowsy I was wide awake and jittery til almost 6am. That being the case I took advantage and made good progress on my Stacy Nash Project (the first stitch went in about midnight last night when I finally got done messing around at facebook). I’m feeling the lack of sleep this afternoon however.

While I was ‘messing around’ I created a facebook page for Handcrafts Online. I hope it will be a place you share finishes and join stitching chatter and where I’ll be able to keep you better updated about new things coming in and shipping out, various webshop events, and limited availabilty items. Feel free to become a fan, the more the merrier as they say!!

Handcrafts Online

One bit of news you’ll see if you join  –  these wonderful new designs coming soon, feel free to email me or leave a request at facebook to reserve yours!

New from LHN Oct 09

4 thoughts on “new and news

  1. Dear Mary Kathryn,

    Wonderful stitching as usual. Your work is splendid !
    It’s also a very nice idea to see albums and to have “fresh” news on Facebook. With it we can believe you’re close to us…
    I hope that your health is better today and I wish you a nice day.

    Anne in France.

  2. Hi Mary Kathryn
    So sorry to hear you’re having to take strong medication. It’s not much fun feeling sleepy and even less pleasant feeling jittery. I know that jittery feeling as i get it sometimes if I’ve had to take my asthma inhaler a bit too often but, at least jittery is energising and you definitely turned yours to good use. I love the little SB piece and the SN is making excellent progress.
    I adore those new designs by LHN too. As usual, too much lovely stuff around and too little time!
    Take care :>)
    Hugs Angela

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