fun finish

pkd b

pkd a

pkd e

pkd f

pkd c

pkd d

Let’s just say, I’m glad you aren’t looking at this up close.

This is from Stacy Nash Primitives and called Netty’s Sampler Pinkeep Drum. I decided to stitch this on 32 count although the pattern recommends 28ct. The design comes with a sort of pattern for finishing and I thought, I retook college math recently…..I can figure this out….I was happy to find a glass in the cabinet that was just the right size which prevented me from hurting my brain too much.

Actually the glass was really handy as a sort of dress-form for my pinkeep. After I sewed the top on I stuffed it by making a bit of lining with batting and then filling in the center with fiber fill. When I had the bottom cloth mostly stitched on, I added a good amount of ground walnut shells to make it bottom heavy – it sits nicely. Using an old button from Grandma’s button box I added a tassel because I couldn’t help myself!

I will need more practice on this sort of finish – like I said, I’m glad you can’t see this up close – leaving you with one last picture of the ‘good side’.


24 thoughts on “fun finish

  1. You did a GREAT job on it, especially for your first pinkeep drum! You always pick the perfect fabrics to finish your stitched pieces. I love this one, Mary Kathryn!

  2. Me-thinks there is no bad side, Mary Katherine. In fact, every time I see something you finish you make it look and sound so easy. maybe I should give it a try.
    It really is just right!

  3. It looks great to me Mary Kathryn. I tried one of these one time and mine ended up as a zippered pouch!
    It’s not an easy thing to do but you did a fantastic job and I love it.

  4. I love your pictures and instructions. I have been wanting to make one for sometime now but have put it off due to the finishing. I am a little uneasy about it. Your pictures have gave me the confidence to go ahead. I like the glass idea. I will have to search the cupboards myself. You did a fabulous job and I love the tassel.

  5. This is the prettiest finish I have seen yet of a pindrum. Great job Mary Kathryn! I adore the added tassel. It was so nice to hear from you!

    Hugs ~

  6. Thank you for posting this, it has helped me immensely. I was making up one, I had designed, without any finishing instructions, when I came across your blog and voila, it was finished very satisfactorily.

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