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Well the baby is 7 now. Ethan’s birthday was Saturday and we had a little family pizza party with a Wall-e cake (which I purchased). The best thing about Ethan’s birthday was that Jerry was home. He’s working out of town again and I have to say I’m not very happy about it. I’m grateful he has work but having him gone is no fun at all. I feel bad for military spouses – really bad and should  stop whining now!

While Jerry was home we took a short drive – the weather was really beautiful and warm this weekend.  I took a few pictures and enjoyed the afternoon very much.  Amber had a great dinner waiting for us when we got home, delicious pulled pork sandwiches (which she cooked all day in the crockpot) a wonderful pasta salad with strawberries in it and more cake for dessert – yum!

I stitched for a bit on an old WIP while I watched Casablanca last night (Jerry was on the road again by then), I also spent some time putting together kits this weekend, the Mint Frost for CaHRH is really pretty! Lots of things are coming in from the Online Show so I’m off to get today’s deliveries ready to ship!


5 thoughts on “another birthday & stuff

  1. Happy birthday to Ethan! 😀

    I’m with you on the dislike of having one’s husband away. That will be a downside of living in Maine – Niek will have to travel more. Sigh.

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