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About a month ago I decided to restart On Travel with Jane Austen (The Sampler Girl). I spent a little more time working on this last night. It’s going slowly, I find that I stitch very slow when I’m using 40ct linen. I do like the smaller size very much. Slow and steady has been my theme the past few days. My asthma is awful and I have to just take things very slowly, and when I’m feeling really anxious because I feel like I can’t get air and would like to panic – putting a few slow stitches in my project really does help me calm down a little.

I’m still shipping orders and these pretties are headed out the door. Not sure if I can pick a favorite of the bunch. You can find these here.

I’ve been asked about peppermint hot cocoa. Here’s how I like to make it. I heat milk in the microwave and add Nesquick chocolate powders. Then I take a clean spoon and pour a tiny bit of peppermint extract on the spoon – and then pour the extract back into the bottle. There will be enough left on the spoon – even if you can’t see it, to nicely flavor your cocoa.


7 thoughts on “slow and steady

  1. The stitching looks beautiful! I have some 40ct in the stash…next year’s to do list. We are asthma sufferers also, so I know how you feel. Sometimes a little Vicks on your chest or just a dab under your nose will help. My youngest DD has seasonal change triggers and this helps her. Hope you feel better soon! Oh, of course my fav is the “Joy” ornie!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the recipe. I’m looking forward to making this.
    My favourite design is Joy. The colours are so cheerful.
    I hope the medicine makes your breathing easier.

  3. Mary Kathryn,
    Do you drink a lot of earl grey? That has bergamot in it that is a restorative to the lungs, esp. You probably already know that but just in case – drink up! It might help you 🙂

    Take care,

  4. I’m so going to pick up some peppermint extract. I buy the most delicious cocoa from Williams Sonoma and I can just imagine how amazing it would taste with peppermint. YUM.
    I do hope you feel better Miss Mary Kathryn. So please rest and take good care of yourself.
    LOVE the stitching. I need more stitching time and less yuck time in my life. I’m going to change that starting today! Thanks.

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