hanging in there

hit a

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Thought it might be nice to have a little post show up between one Rocky Mountain Wednesday and another. I’m still here, slowly feeling like I might someday feel like me again (still three and half days of antibiotics left to go).

I’ve been trying to stitch but seem to make more mistakes than progress. Here is how The Red House Sampler looked back in June. I’ve not filled in so very much. It took me seven tries to get those tree branches right I think. I really want to start on the pretty border soon. I did put in one tiny part of it and hope to spend a little time in my cozy spot (see night table picture) working on this as early as I can tonight, I feel pretty tired by the afternoon still.

Hope you have had a great November so far!


I just got an email to say that the replacement for my broken MP3 player is on the way – I’m getting a bit emotional here…guess I’m not quite myself yet!

hit c

just popped my head out the front door and took this photo of our strange clouds this sunset :0)

20 thoughts on “hanging in there

  1. Loved the photo! You even have my inhaler. I am on my last day of antibiotics and still coughing up a storm. Hope this is the end of this illness for me. Going on two weeks tomorrow.

    Get well soon!!

  2. My mp3 went out last year and I had to send for repairs, and I just about went crazy. I really love mine and use for music and audiobooks….they really help when you don’t feel up to par. Glad yours is on its way and hope you will be your old self again soon.

  3. Sending you get well wishes. Hope you’re better soon. I haven’t stitched much lately…trying to knit a hat for my son out of the llama yarn we sell at work…from the llamas we have fenced in outside the main building at work! First time working on circular needles!

  4. what a great cloud picture!! I LOVE clouds!! And I love the pink flowers on your Red House Sampler–they just jump out at me! The entire piece is looking great!

    • Thank you Annie.

      I had a 8G Zen from Creative. I bought it in February and it died about a month ago, wouldn’t charge, wouldn’t turn on or reset. I sent it back last week and they are sending me a replacement already – yeah!

  5. So where did that spaceship land? It’s surely not really a cloud!

    I’m so sorry you’ve been so ill. That just sucks. I hope you’ll be able to stay healthy for the remainder of the season!

  6. Oh Mary Kathryn, this sampler looks gorgeous. I have it in my stast as well. Seeing yours stitched up so far makes me want to start on mine. And why not as it’s already kitted up …
    I hope you will be feeling better real soon and gaining back all your energy.
    Wonderful sunset picture, with the mountains in the background.

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