autumn with tea

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Making up for my lack of blogging lately today! Thank you again for the get well wishes. I’ve had to start another round of antibiotics, still lots of coughing and a fever, not feeling quite as good as I thought I was :0(

We are having a beautiful Autumn day yet again. The weather has been wonderfully warm (in the 70s). They’ve been mowing and baling hay over the fence, you can just see the wagon out picking up bales on my first knitting photo. As to the knitting, this is my little wool scarf project. I’m very much an amateur knitter. This pattern just alternates between knit and pearl but I’ve still managed to flub it up – you can see where my zigs (or maybe my zags) are a bit wobbly. I’m having fun either way.

ant d

I finished up the tree that gave me so much trouble on Red House Sampler, the leaves went very well. I added another bit of the border. I did put in some other stitches but they were all wrong and had to come back out.

ant e

ant f

Here is my little care/comfort package from the cheese shop. There’s also some brie nestled in there you can’t quite see – and my replacement MP3 player – I’m so happy to have that back. More importantly you can see the new tea cozy here from Impie, Hattie & Bea. It comes in two prints and co-ordinates perfectly with The Tea Room from Country Cottage Needleworks. I have both prints at the webshop and remember there is free shipping this weekend!

ant a

Another little photo of Fall, most of the squirrels in town look like the average squirrel, now and then you see these pretty black ones too.


13 thoughts on “autumn with tea

  1. I’m sorry you’re still not completely better. Man!

    The tea cozy is sweet and does go perfectly with the LHN design.

    I’ve never seen a black squirrel, but I have sen a white one. I have a photo of it on my grandpa’s lap – he was feeding him peanuts. Grandpa was feeding the squirrel not the other way around – LOL. That came out wrong initially. 😉 Get well, MK!

  2. Sorry to hear that your recovery is taking so long – hope this round of antibiotics does the trick!
    Lovely photos and your Red Hose samples is just beautiful!

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous as always. Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. Hopefully this round of antibiotics will do the trick. Love, love, love Red House Sampler. It stitching up beautifully.

  4. Your scarf is great! Don’t worry about messing up here and there – it just adds character. That is what I keep telling myself anyway, as my stuff always has some zigs where there should have been zags! Love the Red House Sampler. I want to do it very badly!!

    Linda in VA

  5. Love that first pic with the field of pumpkins and the mountains in the background 🙂

    Your scarf is coming along nicely. I picked up that pattern, and one day when I find it again I’ll start it!

  6. Can I just say I love your photos. They make me very happy. I hope you feel better very soon. there’s nothing fun about feeling off and out of sorts. (I speak from my own experience this past week) Love your stitching too.

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