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From Lion Brand Yarns– free Warm Up America knitting pattern


Here is the little patchwork I was finishing up this weekend. I used part of a Mill House Inn charm pack. I have a bunch of these on hand if you are looking for them (just email me), I just never got around to listing them at Etsy or my webshop.

I came across this free knitted blanket pattern. I started a block last night and learned a new stitch. I hope to learn another new stitch for block #2 soon. Maybe this will be done by next winter!  I’m leaning toward making a throw which is much smaller than a blanket. . .


8 thoughts on “cuddle up

  1. Your blanket project is beautiful, but I am partial to blue too =) I am also in the mood for knitting a lot lately! Have fun with your new project =)

  2. Your patchwork quilt turned out great!

    Love the colors you chose for your knitting!!! The blanket will be gorgeous when you finish it! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Wow Mary Kathryn!! I can’t believe that was on the cutting mat just a few days ago. It really is very sweet and shows off that pretty charm pack combination beautifully. Lovely colour and texture wool and very nice mossy kind of stitch – well, I say moss stitch but not very knowledgably…haha :>)
    Warm hugs Angela

  4. Love it! Cross stitch is my thing, but I’d really love to learn quilting and knitting. I just need to find more time and a good teacher!

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