new and not so new

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Only one week til we pull out the Christmas decorations.  I’d like to see a few new things on the tree.  I was thinking of stitching up this pretty new design from Beehive Needlworks, but not sure if I should stitch it in white on red or in red on white…. as you can see I have a few things to keep me company while I stitch – that’s the new sock monkey ornament I tweeted about.  I’d also like to knit a few more of these little mittens.  It took me ages to do one last year but since I have a year more worth of knitting practice under my belt, perhaps it will go better this year.

What do you think of my ‘new’ boudoir chair??  It’s quite a sight isn’t it?  This has migrated from Amber’s room to mine.  Although it’s quite hideous to look at, it is marvelously comfy.  It’s also the most coveted spot to lounge for the cats.  Look at sneaky Yzma ready to remove Ophelia from the seat of honor!


You can find Cranberry Deer Pinkeep on this page at the webshop. The linen shown is Aztec Red and Linen (color name) 30 count Weeks.

3 thoughts on “new and not so new

  1. I LOVE the sock monkey!!! Where did you get that, or did you make it? I just have to have one for my son. When he was five, he told the teachers that his name was “Douglas Monkey Paul Crossen”!!! This year I am doing a monkey themed gift for him and this sock monkey would be a wonderful addition! I also love the mitten ornament. I am purchasing the pattern and hope to make them and include those little anti-bacterial pocket size from Bath & body works to give out at the Christmas party. You always have such neat things to show!

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