5 thoughts on “stitching dilemma

  1. I want to stitch all of those designs NOW, too! LOL! Seriously, it’s always a joy to see what you are stitching. And that pot of chicken ‘n noodles looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Well you don’t have nothing to do right and you can stitch all you want….Ha! Ha!

    I love those patterns that you have…especially the PS ones…I love those patterns.

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  3. That looks so incredibly yummy! Can I join you? I am glad you are starting to feel better. I know how it feels to be feeling panicked that you cannot get air into your lungs. We know now why I have my chronic airways infection and it is a disaster for me as a quilter. I have a severe dust mite allergy. It has gone on too long unnoticed so now I have two asthma meds and a medicated nose spray so I can breath.

    Love your newest projects. It will be tough to choose what to spend time on. I am not able to stitch or quilt right now while we get our house back in order. When you can’t stitch, it is all you want to do…lol.

    Stop by my blogs sometimes as I am holding an ongoing giveaway for the coming weeks.

    Hugs ~

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