some Christmas history

1941 f

1941 a

I managed another Christmas finish. This is from the Blackbird Designs book Joyeux Noel. I stitched this on 30ct parchment Weeks linen using GAST Claret. The trim is made from the strip that the tassels were attached to that I used on Old Saint Nick (recent post).

Now for some history…..I chose the year 1941 for this piece because that is the year both my parents were born. I imagine Christmas of 1941 was an uncertain time for many. My dad’s parents were celebrating their 1st Christmas with a baby in the house – my dad.   His parents had two more sons but no little girls.

1941 d

Here’s my dad (the tall boy) and his two younger brothers.   I was the first grandchild, and I’m told my grandpa was very happy to have a granddaughter, here are my dad’s parents around 1955.

1941 b

Sadly, I don’t remember my grandpa at all.  He died a week before my first Christmas, December 18, of a heart attack.  He was in his 40s. 

1941 e

I think it’s very special that his first great-grandchild, my daughter Amber, was born 21 years later on December 18.  Above is a photo of Amber and my dad, Christmas 1986. 

1941 c

Me and Santa, many, many (many) years ago!!


13 thoughts on “some Christmas history

  1. Thanks for sharing such precious memories with us, Mary Kathryn. They made me smile. I love your BD finish, too. I may need to order some of the fabric to make some of those pillows. 🙂

  2. I love all you stitched! In spite of the fact I’m so far from you I’ve quite the same choice of projects & designers! A real wonderfull from France.Béa

  3. What a special finish, Mary Kathryn! I love the pics you shared with it. You should print it out this blog entry to put in a scrapbook so that your kids know the special meaning behind it, too.

    BTW, I am absolutely DROOLING over the pics of your Ho Ho PS finish with the other PS finishes. Very inspirational! Enjoy the season.

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