the trouble maker

1st tree pic 2009





We decorated the tree this past weekend. Ophelia thinks we did this just for her and is having a jolly time. She would have played with this ornament all night if Yzma hadn’t scolded her.

What a sweet face.


PS – my tree is artificial and 34 years old, a family heirloom!

10 thoughts on “the trouble maker

  1. Hilarious and cute but I’m sure it isn’t funny. Our cat is 14 and her days of pawing at the branches are over – she loves to just sit under the lights’ warmth and sleep. We got our tree tonight – the house smells so good!


  2. Hi Mary Kathryn,
    your Christmas tree is precious and wonderfull with the decoration… you are very good and your hands are fantastic…thank you for this picture, I follow your site all the days…
    Merry Christmas….

  3. How funny! Not long after Rob and I were married I had put the tree up, we were gone, and our cat (at the time) climbed up the tree and knocked the ornaments off, and the dog chewed them up. I was SO upset. Rob went out and bought me all new ornaments and decorations while I was at work. 🙂

  4. Well, I don’t have a kitty going at my tree, but I have a new puppy, Chloe, who is soo curious! She has knocked it down twice and chewed a string of lights while they were on!! I told her she was going to be a real “hot dog!” LOL

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