still here

jan 19a

jan 19c

jan 19d

Just incredibly busy. Jerry is still away and my days are very full.

I’ve watched some Jane Austen while working this past week and Yzma has been my cozy companion. I’ve also put a few tiny stitches into Be Kind and Be True from With Thy Needle.

Today would have been my grandmother’s 90th birthday, Amber wore a fancy necklace that belonged to my grandma to a party last night.  It made me smile.


jan 19b
(getting fancy with clearance Christmas lights in my workroom and trying out my new tripod)

9 thoughts on “still here

  1. Lovely stitching! That paricular design is on my wish list and hopefully I’ll purchase it soon. The colors are so pretty! Are you doing yours over 1 thread? It looks very pretty so far. By the way, I love to stitch while having a Jane Austen movie on. Masterpiece Theater will be showing a new version of Emma starting next week. I, being impatient, found it on You Tube and have already seen it. I quite enjoyed it.

  2. What’s not to love about all your shining things, MK? Isn’t it the best thing to have a scissors collection that’s out and that we can see!!? I love your glass flower holders…I have mine in a little vase. I’d love to have one or two of the holders…have to find a good flea market or something!! Wishing you lots of good thoughts for designs of all kinds this year. Hugs, Deb

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