Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 127a

rmw 127c

rmw 127b

rmw 127e

rmw 127d

I have so many pictures that I’ve never posted, these are a few, I haven’t had time to take photos this week. We are getting new snow as I type this.

This morning there was a coyote in my back yard. I really don’t like coyotes, I hope it didn’t catch the bunny that lives under the back deck. I’ve been hearing them make their horrible noise all week, I was very unhappy to see one actually in my yard! I didn’t get a picture but they look like this.

We have an abundance of rabbits in our area. In fact we got a letter last fall about the ‘rabbit problem’ (yes I thought of Wallace & Gromit right away) the letter warned that they would attract predators to the area and that seems to be happening.

On a much nicer note, my sister-in-law is flying in for a short visit today (on a plane, that isn’t a sister-in-law joke) and Jerry should be home within the week!

Have a great day!!


6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Love the photos. I’m completely creeped out by you having a wolf in your back yard! Yikes! And I totally got a giggle out of you explaining your comment about your SIL flying in for a visit. 🙂 Hope you have a great visit! We’re supposed to get alot of snow tonight and tomorrow. We’ll see.

  2. As usual, your Rocky Mountain Wednesday photos are beautiful.

    Those coyotes are pesky, aren’t they? The can bring harm to so many species of animal friends, and are evidently becoming more and more plentiful almost everywhere.

  3. Mary Kathryn,

    We had a coyote hanging around our deck and the front of the house for awhile last year. Sort of freaky in a subdivision. You just don’t expect to see them in my area….

    Linda in VA

  4. Oh, I don’t like coyotes, either. We lost two of our kitties this year to them. One made it home but ended up dying and the other never came home. 😦 At night you can hear their awful yelping. Very eerie.

  5. Beautiful pictures once again.
    Good luck with the coyote problem. Hope they don’t cause too much trouble.
    Have a great visit with your sister-in-law.
    Happy Birthday!

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