this will be quick


birthday 3

birthday 2

My computer is behaving VERY badly. I’m frantically backing things up and emailing important things to myself. You can see that I’m trying to make the best of it :0)

Some birthday treats- pretty canisters and pizza stuffed with spinach and artichoke, jelly beans and a beautiful cheese board from Amber. Jerry was home after 29 days away and my sister in law came for a visit too – lovely time!

I’m wrapping up a huge project that has taken every waking moment lately, hopefully I’ll get back to stitching in about a week.


4 thoughts on “this will be quick

  1. Love the new canisters!! And I’m envious of the Milano Cookie Collection! We don’t have that here! So happy you had a lovely birthday!

  2. After backing everything up, make sure that it truly is backed up. I went through a huge pc problem over Thanksgiving last Nov and thought all of my photos and thesis items were backed up. Sadly, they were not. A good lesson learned, the hard way.

    Love the pictures! The cheeseboard is gorgeous!! I am a fan of the Mint Milano’s myself.

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