random at my house

playing with my camera –

we’ll call this group ‘Patchwork’

patchwork a

‘Pretty Boxes’

pretty boxes a
pretty boxes b

‘Things on a High Ledge’

things on a high ledge a
things on a high ledge b

‘Windmills in the Kitchen’

windmills in the kitchen a
windmills in the kitchen b

and in the ‘How Long Has That Been There?’ category…

how long has that been there

Yes that is the Christmas tree, still standing in my living room on February 20, 2010!


9 thoughts on “random at my house

  1. What a paradise for stitchers and quilters… I would like to have the same house with the same wonders but my hands are less magic than yours !

    Maybe you can decorate your Christmas tree with all the monthly stockings you stitched…

    Anne – France

  2. All your photos are stunning and don’t worry about the Christmas tree still being up. I still one up in my dining room, who knows maybe I’ll just decorate it for Spring and Easter….lol


  3. Lovely photos as usual Mary Kathryn :>)
    I love the patchowrk.
    I had to laugh when I saw your Christmas tree. We had a real one with roots this year and it needs to be planted out into the garden but the weather has been so bad and everywhere so wet it’s been impossible to get out there to do it. So, our sad tree, stripped of all it’s baubles and tinsel has been standing in our living room. Every time someone has visited, we have had to explain why our very tall, very real Christmas tree was still there…hah! Our son has just been home for the week and he insisted he and his dad at least just stand it out in the garden in it’s pot so it has now gone. The living room looks really empty without it.
    Angela xx

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