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new from Little House Needleworks & Impie, Hattie & Bea


Otto & Ella, my grandpa and grandma on their farm


2 of my grandma’s brothers on the far left & right (Guy & Julius). My grandpa is the handsome one with the open collar, no one can recall who the older man is.


before market



I’ve been mentioning that I’ve been a bit busy lately.  Now that things have settled down a bit I have time to tell you about it.

I think most people who visit me here know that I own and operate a needlework webshop.  This keeps me pretty busy and I love my little business.  In 2008 I started a second business that I’ve not mentioned before.  I operate a finished products business called Impie, Hattie & Bea.  Our little slogan is ‘Fine things for stitchers, sewn in the USA’, it could say ‘sewn in Mary Kathryn’s sewing room’ since each item is sewn by me.

I wanted to tell you how I came up with the name Impie, Hattie & Bea.  These are real ladies I have known all my life.  Impie and Bea are my great aunts both married to my grandma’s brothers (Jimmy and Guy).  Hattie was a special family friend who was like an aunt to us and we called her Aunt Hattie.  So that you can have a tiny glimpse of these ladies, here are some of my memories of them –

Aunt Impie: married to Great Uncle Jimmy.  A successful business woman, very tall and erect.  She had beautiful blue eyes and an enormous bust line – enormous!  Always kind, she introduced me to Chicken Cordon Bleu which always reminds me of her.

Aunt Hattie: always happy.  Gave very long, tight hugs.   Her husband, Uncle Frank, was always so quiet, I sometimes wondered if he could really talk.  Aunt Hattie’s only son was killed in Vietnam, although I was very small I still remember this well.

Aunt Bea: married to Great Uncle Guy, she was fond of needlework.  Always wore lots of jewelry.  Had a mustache.  She liked to wear velvet hats that looked like a very large mushroom to me.

Hattie and Bea have passed away, Impie is quite an old lady and lives in a nursing home in Minnesota.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little tidbits.  I’m working on some new products that I hope you’ll like as well.  I’ve updated the webshop with this Needle & Thread set (let me mention that working with Diane at Little House is great and the reason that Impie, Hattie and Bea products sell). I made a whole bunch of the Scissor Beds but they are limited in number.

I’ll be working on adding new things from Market to the webshop as they come in.  I ordered a bunch of things today and will order more things tomorrow so be on the lookout, feel free to email me about things I’ve not had a chance to add yet – anytime!


25 thoughts on “behind the scenes

  1. Wow! Mary Kathyrn you do beautiful work, I just love the Impie, Hattie and Bea things! How awesome that someone so special owns such a cool company! Great job!

  2. Thanks for sharing about the meaning of the name — your aunts sound like special people. I am glad you are letting the world know that these lovely crafts are hand made by YOU! Congrats on the new product; it’s lovely.

  3. Mary Kathryn, thank you for sharing your sweet memories with us. Every time I hear Impie, Hattie & Bea from now on, I will think of those 3 very special ladies. I’m sure they would be proud of the work you do. Everything is of the highest quality!

  4. Your dear ancestors can be proud of you.
    What a great homage to remember them with your beautiful wonders.
    Congratulations Mary-Kathryn, your products are successfully done and now they’ve also an affecting history !
    Anne – France

  5. How sweet to know the women behind the name! I will think of them always now when I hear the name. Your finishing projects are ALL absolutely wonderful! 🙂

  6. My goodness! I had no idea! That means I actually have something sewn by you and didn’t even know it! It’s the Traveling Stitcher pouch =)

  7. I love the new information. I was wondering about Impie, Hattie and Bea … and now that I know, I just love the story behind the business. 😀

    Speaking of business, I received my order today and am THRILLED. 😀 Will blog about it tomorrow. 😀

  8. I’ve been trying to figure out who Impie, Hattie and Bea is. I love them. My grandma’s name was Hattie so I really like them. Thanks for sharing. They are beautiful things.

  9. What a wonderful family story! I love old family photos and memories. Congratulations on the success of Impie, Hattie, & Bea! I wondered if they were real people and now I know!

  10. Mary Kathryn –

    Amazing! I had no idea that you were Impie, Hattie, and Bea. I’ve bought four of your pieces…given two as gifts. Nice stuff.

    Love your ideas.


  11. oh. my. gosh… when do you sleep?! I remain in awe of your ability to mix graceful living with solid accomplishments. Thank goodness you posted a pic of your Christmas tree still in the LR in Feb., or else I’d think you were perfect! Seriously, congrats on all of your successes! And to think, I knew you when 😉

  12. WOW! I, too, wondered what was behind IH&B! So glad to hear the story and *meet* the famous Aunts. As others have said, they are certainly proud of you. Looking forward to what else IH&B has in mind. Deb

  13. Wow, I had no idea that you were behind Impie, Hattie, and Bea. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your story about you selected this name too. What a nice way to honor your aunts!

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