a pair of socks

pos a

pos b

pos c

pos d

pos e

I did get those other two socks I had in progress finished up. I’ve stitched the purple one twice now (once for an exchange) – it’s my favorite of all the socks. There are a few more I’d like to add to my little collection soon but I think I’ll stitch up this new pincushion from Blackbird first.

pos f


15 thoughts on “a pair of socks

  1. Mary Kathryn they are absolutely delightful, they look so pretty on your tree. I have stitched some but have given them away as present so have yet to do my own! Love that pincushion too , I am resisting temptation at the moment though – but for how long?
    Take care hugs
    Barb in UK

  2. As always, beautiful finishes and photos. Thanks. You aren’t by any chance selling the paisley shown with Bird in Hand are you? Would love some of that.


  3. Always wonders Mary-Kathryn ! Your stockings are really beautiful.
    With your “how I do” post, on your blog, last september (very clear and helpfull) I try my best to do the same with mine stockings… I have still a hard work to do…
    Anne – France

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