wend c

Looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow, hope your week was sweet! I’ve updated the webshop and whipped up a new batch of Winter Thread Pals, you can see them here. Please email me if you would like one, they are quite limited so I’ve not turned the button on at the webshop.

wend a
wend b
I have two samplers in the works that I hope to blog soon as finishes, I’m personalizing both and enjoying them very much!

wend d
Amber and I were inspired to cook this Pioneer Woman recipe this week – it was really, really yummy!

honeysuckle bbd
Can’t wait to start some of the projects in here!

Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “weekend

  1. Wow…I just love your stitching and what you are going to start on next. I just love your Blog. It is so sweet, so inviting, and full of information.

    Your Cat is so cute laying in your basket…mine does the same thing too.

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Hugs from Cold Northern Indiana
    Linda K, Railroad

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