a birthday gift for my sister






sisters 2010

Today is my sister’s birthday! She is 13 months younger than me so that must mean she is turning 28 this year ;0)

I stitched this up quite a while ago (Little House Needleworks, Lavender Hill) but finally put the finish on it last week and thought it would be a perfect gift. My sister has sent me some wonderful gifts of lavender and she also likes sheep very much (she had a lamb as a pet). So along with the pillow I sent her some lavender (picked from my garden last summer) and a little lamb.

I hope she doesn’t mind that I nabbed her facebook photo to post along with mine for a little then and now of the two of us, we’re very mature 28 and 29 year olds.

Happy Birthday A.M.T.


22 thoughts on “a birthday gift for my sister

  1. Everyone is right, it is so beautiful! The lavender smells wonderful and the lammie looks like a lamb I had named Fleet. How she got that name was kind of funny. Justin was about 5 and he liked Beauty and the Beast. One of the characters in that movie is named Philippe, and he thought it was pronounced Fleet, so that is what he wanted us to name the lamb.

    Thank you so much Mary! Love, Ann

  2. Mary Kathryn, you are both such pretty ladies. What a blessing you must be to one another. And, your gift is gorgeous; what a wonderful sister you are. Dee

  3. What special gifts. Your sister will feel loved on her special day. I just stumbled onto your blog. It’s truly lovely and I will be back to read more. It’s fun to find fellow bloggers in your own backyard.

    Warm wishes,


  4. What a beautiful design, I’ve not seen that one before – your stitching is lovely and I’m sure your sister will be absolutely delighted with your gift.

  5. Oh, fun! I have that exact same little sheep and I love all things cross-stitched with sheep as well. I need to look for this pattern. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday to your sister!

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