another birthday or two

ella a

ella d
~Grandma (with the fingerprint above her head) is 14 in this photo 1920~

ella e
~Grandma (on the far right) at work sometime around 1930, they sewed seats for automobiles at this plant~

ella b
~Grandma getting some love from my son Tyler 1994~

ella c
~Tyler & Kellen, sorry – I love this picture and wanted to show it to you 1997~

ella f
~funnel cakes I couldn’t resist making tonight~

Sunday was my grandmother’s (Ella’s) birthday. She was born in 1906. She passed away in 1995, the year Kellen was born. I’m working on a sampler that I’ve personalized with family names, I hope to show you the whole thing soon.

Sunday was also my brother-in-law’s birthday. I don’t have any plans to include Leif in my stitching at this point – Happy Birthday Leif. Have a funnel cake!!


5 thoughts on “another birthday or two

  1. Beautiful tribute. The world would be a better place if GRANDMAS ran the country.
    Can’t wait to see your finished family sampler.
    I would love to stitch some kind of family tree. Just haven;t found a pattern I like…YET!!

  2. What great pictures and memories!
    Your sampler sounds great – hope you can share it soon.
    Funnel cakes……..just might have to make some tomorrow night!

  3. Great photos of your Grandmother. I love looking at the old photos. Happy belated Birthday to her. Sunday was also my baby brother’s Birthday. Great day March 7th. 🙂

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