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My Jane Austen sampler wall has an addition. I’ve made some tiny changes to Rose Hill Plantation from Little House Needleworks to make an Emma Sampler. I was inspired by the newest adaptation from the BBC. This movie is full of light and the colors of this sampler made me think of Emma’s wardrobe and home in the movie. The architectural style is all wrong but with the big flowers it’s a bit whimsy anyway.

I will admit that Emma is my least favorite Austen novel, yes I even like Northanger Abbey more than Emma. This film version is very enjoyable but I was interrupted at least 19 times while watching, interruptions that required me to pause the DVD. I’d like to watch it again, without pausing, sometime soon.

Sampler details:
Title – Little House Needleworks, Rose Hill Plantation
Stitched on Antique Ivory Belfast using threads listed on pattern

I have also made a tiny start on Rose Quaker by Stickideen von der Wiehenburg (see the ‘W’ for Woodhouse), I’m using 40ct linen that I’m not in love with color-wise. I think I’ll try distressing this when it’s done. I’m using the DMC threads as listed on the pattern – so far.


PS – if Ethan had been a girl we were either going to name him Ella or Emma

21 thoughts on “Emma

  1. Rose Hill Plantation looks beautiful. I’ve not seen that adaptation of Emma, not sure how I missed that! Funny you mention Northanger Abbey as well though – I watched an ITV adaptation of that on Tuesday while I was stitching. Your stitches on Rose Quaker are fabulous, I’ve never stitched on 40ct – I’ve liked that chart since I first saw it, really lovely.

  2. Hi Mary Kathryn,

    Love the way you’ve changed Rose Hill
    Plantation to suite your own purpose
    and make it uniquely yours. It’s a
    pretty design anyways, isn’t it??

    Ever since first seeing Rose Quaker on
    your blog a few weeks ago (Gee, thanks
    very much for that, by the way) I can’t
    stop thinking about it. I love it!!
    Seeing your start on it has ramped up
    my hunger to stitch it even more (Gee,
    thanks for that too).

    I’d like to stitch this over one, but
    I’ve never stitched anything smaller
    then 32 count, over two and over one.
    I’ve been thinking of getting a small
    cut of 40 count fabric and stitching a
    small project on it to try it out.
    Can you recommend a fabric that I
    could test out?? Don’t know if it
    matters but I prefer to stitch on
    evenweave fabric.


  3. Mary Kathryn, your Emma sampler is beautiful! I wish I had your creativity to make subtle changes that really work. Thanks for sharing your newest finish.

  4. Funny you should say that about Emma & Northanger Abbey. I think the latter is my least favorite (although I just bought it for my daughter), and Emma would follow right behind. I like your sampler, though!

    • WHat a great idea. That turned into a beautiful, appropriate piece. “Emma” became one of my favorites after I saw the version with Gwyneth P… I love all of her work.

  5. Love the Emma sampler – Emma is my least favourite too, however I love Northanger Abbey. My DDs name is Emma though! Rose Quaker is beautiful too.

  6. I am in love with your start of Quaker Rose! I’ve been perishing to see this one started (since I can’t do it yet myself) since I first saw it. I see what you mean about not being head-over-heels for your fabric. It’s “alright”, but I think I’d bee like you and be in the mood to try a dye on it. Please, please, please keep us in the know with updates on this beauty! 😀

    P.S. Your Emma is nice too, of course. 😉

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