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Making a bit of progress on Asenath Whitcomb, 1819 from Carriage House Samplings. It’s fun to have a project going that is all the same thread (Pacific Blue Dark silk from Gloriana), I’m stitching this on New Castle linen I dyed myself. I also was inspired by Staci’s recent finish to get going on Briar Rabbit from La-D-Da. I’m stitching this on 30ct Dove Weeks linen and using Gentle Art threads.

I have lots of fabric that is begging to be made into something but I love just looking at it on the shelf. I’ve had several emails about exciting opportunities this past week, all really wonderful things that I hope to tell you about sometime soon. My head is spinning at the moment.

We are getting our snow storm. About 8 inches so far. They keep increasing the expected accumulation and the most recent numbers are 9 to 18 inches! These robins are coping the best they can and providing much excitement for Yzma who is on guard at the picture window!


12 thoughts on “other projects and things

  1. Greetings Mary Kathryn! That little birdie looks so cold in the snow! The projects you are working on are lovely. Can’t wait to find out what has your head spinning!

  2. I’m loving your colours on Briar!! I want to start another one-colour small soon, myself. If you *have* to finish it, it feels like a trap, but it’s nice to have it waiting in the wings as a sort of no-brainer. 🙂

    If you can recall, what is the jelly roll at the top of the stack of 3 secured with black-stripe moda ribbon? I see pastel pink floral showing on it. Also, what’s the stack (layer cake?) above to the right; I see from top brown, carmine, blush, cream, and ecru florals in it. 😀

    Your snowy birds are so darling; I can only imagine the intensity of your feline onlookers!

      • Thank you very much! I’ve been circling the idea of quilting for a while now, and I think I’ve found just the (very easy) pattern! Now, to find the fabrics! 😀 I’ll make a note of this info!

  3. Beautiful stitching! I really love that blue Glorianna thread 🙂 And look at your gorgeous fabrics!!!

    Hope you are staying warm and getting plenty of stitching done!

  4. Your Asenath is coming along so nicely! I’ve been working on a Bristol orphan sampler, Jane Rees, for 4 years now and told myself that I can’t start Asenath till Jane is done. I dragged it out of the project bag last night, after reading your blog entry on my iPhone. Beautiful progress!

  5. Love the Briar Rabbit. I was just at my LNS yesterday…wish I would have seen that before I went.

    Don’t you hate when the robins are getting nervous about finding food? We had a lot of that here in Cleveland in February. They are happy robins now, though!

  6. What a pleasure it is to look at all those wonderful jelly rolls. If I had one I’d display it a while before using it up.
    I hope your snow storm will not stay with you for too long. And the new snow either.

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